Fortress of Panikotha

Explore the grandeur of the Fortress of Panikotha, an imposing stone edifice situated at the entrance of the creek in Diu. Erected during the Muslim rule under the supervision of Malik Aiyaz, this architectural marvel served as a pivotal gateway, regulating the ingress of Merchant Ships into Diu for the lucrative trade of prized Asian commodities, particularly Indian spices.

Functioning as an entry checkpoint, the fortress implemented a strategic defensive mechanism. A robust metallic chain connected the Bastion of the sea to the Bastion at the shore, spanning the river bed. This innovative system could be raised and lowered, effectively controlling the passage of ships and thwarting the entry of potential threats. The Fortress of Panikotha stands as a testament to both historical significance and ingenious defensive tactics, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into Diu's rich maritime heritage.