The Department of Youth Affairs & Sports in DNH & DD (Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu) operates a website with the aim of providing information about the department and its services to the general public. The department makes efforts to offer authentic and accurate information, but it acknowledges that there may still be discrepancies or gaps in the information provided.

If a user comes across any such discrepancies, the department appreciates their cooperation by notifying them so that improvements can be made to the website. The department also mentions that there may be formatting issues that can occur during the conversion of content, and it explicitly states that it is not responsible for such discrepancies.

The department assures users that any queries or suggestions brought to their notice will be addressed. However, they also make it clear that they are not responsible for the functioning of linked sites, their policies, or the accuracy of the information on those external websites.

In summary, the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, DNH & DD, maintains a website that strives to provide accurate information about its services but acknowledges the possibility of discrepancies. Users are encouraged to report any discrepancies and are advised that the department is not responsible for issues related to linked external websites.