Discover the pristine beauty of Ghoghla Beach in Diu, now proudly adorned with the prestigious Blue Flag Certification. As the largest beach in the Union Territory of Diu, Ghoghla has secured its place among the world's most environmentally sustainable and safe coastal destinations.

Boasting golden sands and gentle waves, Ghoghla offers a serene retreat for beach lovers. The Blue Flag Certification signifies not only its scenic charm but also the commitment to high environmental standards and safety measures. The beach features world-class amenities, including ergonomically designed bio-toilet blocks, changing room facilities with integrated shower panels, and easily accessible pure drinking water facilities.

Ghoghla Beach is more than just a scenic destination; it is a well-rounded experience for visitors of all ages. Enjoy open-air gymnasium facilities, explore the children's park area, and unwind in beautifully maintained gardens. As a certified 'Safe Swim Heaven,' Ghoghla prioritizes the well-being of its visitors by providing trained lifeguards equipped with water rescue gear and dedicated security personnel.

With the Blue Flag Certification, Ghoghla Beach stands as a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability, safety, and an exceptional beach experience. Come, revel in the beauty of Ghoghla – where nature meets excellence.