Beach Soccer

Started by european sailors in 19th-century coastal brazil, beach soccer saw its official debut in 1957. The unofficial world cup in 1995 marked a turning point after nearly half a century. In the early 90's, giancarlo signorini founded the beach soccer company, sparking momentum with a successful trial tournament in los angeles and a 1993 international competition in miami, drawing 6,000 fans.

The beach soccer world cup fueled global enthusiasm, birthing the european pro beach soccer league. The beach soccer worldwide (bsww) federation, born from beach soccer company and octagon koch tavares, now oversees fifa-recognized events in 60+ countries.

Fifa embraced beach soccer in 2005, hosting the inaugural fifa beach soccer world cup™ on copacabana beach. A thrilling final in rio de janeiro saw a triumphant france, led by eric cantona, defeating portugal. This marked a pivotal moment, solidifying beach soccer's global presence. Now, it graces picturesque shores for the diu beach sports festival, adding a vibrant chapter to the sport's history.